TotalMeet is a hosted service for webconferences.

You can use it for a quick chat with friends or a business meeting of a small team. All you need is a WebRTC enabled browser.

Some of our advantages are:

  • fully browser-based, no need for any extra software, just a WebRTC compliant browser and optionally a microphone and camera
  • integrated text chat, shared text document, sharing of a video file, screen sharing – of your entire screen or of a separate window
  • and the most important one – security, as it uses encryption all the way

If you like the service and you are a company that needs a lot of conferences or conferences with more than a few participants, we strongly encourage you to contact Lindeas for an offer for custom installation on your premises.

  • on-premises setups can handle much more load
  • they are only yours and you won’t depend on other people using (or abusing) TotalMeet
  • you can always scale up or down the platform as needed, you can have upgrades or addons when you decide you need them
  • with a platform under your control you have an end-to-end security you can trust ultimately

But no matter what you use, this site or a custom install from Lindeas, we are thankful you are choosing us. Welcome!